Penn Station Garage Parking

1511 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Location Tel: (410) 783-0213

Penn Station Garage is the only place to park when taking a train from the historic Penn Station! The garage is conveniently located next to I-83, directly underneath the train station and just steps from the Light Rail. The main garage entrance is located on the right-hand side of N Charles St, just north of W Mt Royal Ave and across the bridge. A second entrance is located on the right-hand side of St Paul St, just south of E Lanvale St (take a right into the Plaza, circle the statue and continue to the entry). The garage is open and staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week and has a height restriction of 7 ft.

Daily Rates
Up to 1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Up to 3 hours
3 - 8 hours
8 - 14 hours
14 - 24 hours
Event Rate
Artscape Parking
Monthly Rate